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Armstrong Natural Personality 2 Vinyl Flooring $1.49/sf


Armstrong Natural Personality 2 is a glue in place, vinyl flooring. It is waterproof, highly scratch resistant, and comes with a 25 year residential warranty. Perfect for Large and small areas. Available in 15 colors. 6" X 36" tile. Samples available in store.

Aged Walnut Vinyl Tile - Sepia
Aged Walnut- Sepia
Bradbury Oak Vinyl Tile - Dusky Brown
Bradbury Oak- Dusky Brown
Bradbury Oak Vinyl Tile - Weathered Gray
Bradbury Oak- Weathered Gray
Brushed Oak Vinyl Tile - Caramel
Brushed Oak- Carmel
Brushed Oak Vinyl Tile - Natural
Brushed Oak- Natural
Dark Rustic Vinyl Tile - Umber
Dark Rustic- Umber
Havenwood Vinyl Tile - Cinnamon
Havenwood- Cinnamon
Hearth Oak Vinyl Tile - Wheat
Hearth Oak- Wheat
Hickory Vinyl Tile - Rustic Brown
Hickory- Rustic Brown
Honey Pine Vinyl Tile - Natural
Honey Pine- Natural
Medium Walnut Vinyl Tile - Brown
Medium Walnut- Brown
Thorndale Oak Vinyl Tile - Cinder Gray
Thorndale Oak- Cinder Gray
Walnut Vinyl Tile - Charcoal
Walnut- Charcoal
White Oak Vinyl Tile - Heather Gray
White Oak- Heather Gray
Windswept Plank Vinyl Tile - Driftwood
Windswept Plank- Driftwood